Processed Glass

Processed glass has developed to a stage where it has a great versatility which is very much restricted only by your imagination.

At Acorn Glass we have the facility at our Newport factory to manufacture a wide range of products that include glass table and counter tops, display cabinets, sliding doors, shelving, and sandblast designs.

We are able to manufacture all of these products to any shape or design you require and they may be finished with polished, chamfered edges and are able to have cut outs for handles or any other purpose incorporated. They can be coated with a permanent colour coating to colour of your choice and the glass may be clear, patterned or opaque.

If required, we are also able to offer some of the products with a high impact security glass for use in potentially high risk applications.

Sandblasting of designs, or logos, of your choice is a feature often used by the architects and designers we work alongside, as well as homeowners,  to make the item personalised and unique to the company, the building or the environment they are to be installed in or the item they are intended to display.

This sandblasting can be used to increase privacy, to provide bespoke manifestation or to provide company branding.

Case study

As a finishing touch, Acorn Glass have an extensive range of high quality fixtures and fittings available to add that finishing touch to any design.

To further enhance the appearance of our finished products, our highly skilled engineers use a UV bonding technique to create glass to glass seamless joints.