Security and Safety


When security of people and property from deliberate attack is of paramount importance, Acorn Glass manufacture a wide range of screens, partition, counters and doors that incorporate security glass able to withstand physical, ballistic or blast attacks. Security glass that we install will provide you with, the security and peace of mind you require, without you needing to compromise on the availability of natural light and allowing you to compliment your building or room designs.

The technical team at Acorn Glass will work with you to ensure that the security glass is installed in a compatible framing system that will not compromise its integrity and achieve the level of protection you require.

At our factory we will cut, shape and colour the glass you require and are able to meet short turnaround times when time is critical to you.


Safety glass differs from security glass and is intended to reduce the risk of accident or protect individuals against deliberate attack. At Acorn Glass we use a toughened glass that provides you with a glass up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass of equal thickness and is an economical, and proven solution, where safety glass is a requirement.

Laminated glass is also used where safety is being considered but it does not achieve the same strength as toughened glass. Its manufacturing process however will result in the glass not breaking up into large pieces/shards and  remain generally intact after breakage.

Gun rated screens

There are instances where an extremely high level of security is required that includes compliance with EN 1063 and resistance from armed aggressors and bullets is required.  Typically this will be in establishments such as banks, post offices, royal or legal buildings, embassies and military premises.

At Acorn Glass we are able to provide you with the glass you need and can sometimes be achieved through the application of film.

Our technical and advisory team at Acorn Glass will provide you with the assistance you need in making your decision and, if time is of the essence, help you get your glass to you within a short timescale by utilising our factory manufacturing process.

Case study

Security glass: Provides protection against deliberate attack

Safety glass: Protection against accidental impact

Bullet proof glass: Protection in high risk and high volatile areas

Security glass: will be certified as meeting the required European standard, EN 12600, EN 356 or  EN 1063, for its intended use and protection level to be achieved.

Gun rated: Available in 11.5mm or 39mm thicknesses to provide you with the protection you may require from handguns, shotguns or other firearms.