Kemys Folley

Newport Kemeys Folly is a modern-day castle residing on the outskirts of Newport where Acorn Glass were appointed on the refurbishment project shown on Channel 4’s Grand Design.

Acorn Glass worked in close collaboration with the property owners, Sarah and Dean, to help complete the final design of the windows and doors for the project – achieved without the assistance of their architects. We manufactured and installed the windows, doors and the large curved structural glass corridor wall along with developing the upper glass balustrading and some of the internal glass frameless shower screens.

Large curved glass wall: – the Smarts Systems aluminium, thermally broken, 70mm system with 42mm high performance gassed filled structural double glazing unit with a toggled silicone glazing joint was considered to be the most appropriate and suitable system for use in this large glass wall area and provided minimum obstruction to the sight line.

Bi-Folding doors: – the Smarts Systems aluminium thermally broken vizi fold 55mm internally glazed floating mullion system with 28mm high performance gas filled double glazed unit was used to manufacture these doors.

Windows: – the Smarts Systems  aluminium thermally broken window system with internally glazed  28mm high performance gas filled double glazed units was used to provide aesthetically pleasing windows that fulfilled the clients requirements and blended in with the overall scheme design.

Glass balustrading: – the CR Laurence System consisting of 55mm tubing in external stainless steel grade 316 with D clamps to suit 10mm toughened glass with polished edges was used to meet the necessary regulatory requirements and to meet the client requirements.