In commercial buildings and domestic dwellings Acorn Glass have an experienced team who apply high performance glass films to resolve numerous common glazing issues including solar control, security, privacy, safety and bomb blast, manifestations and logos.

Whatever the problem with your glass is we will have a film to resolve it and with multiple issues the films can be applied in combinations.

The films we use are available in a range of finishes and grades and our technical team are always available to assist you in making your choice after considering your colour scheme and intended use.

We apply solar control film where you wish to find an economic, efficient and cost efficient way to control the heat from the outside from making your building uncomfortably hot and similarly anti glare film where glare may be causing an uncomfortable working environment and pc screens difficult to view.

Privacy films, one way or two way, are applied to areas where required particularly in places such as high security areas, retail establishments and child care areas.

Bomb blast and bullet proof glass is unfortunately a matter that needs to be considered in certain areas of everyday activity and the Acorn Glass technical team and our engineers are experienced in helping to dramatically increase the safety and security of your building through the application of a blast protection film.

Glass manifestation is a legal requirement in specific circumstances and we can apply film manifestations, patterned or company logos, to make this requirement pleasing, stylish  and functional whilst also promoting your business.

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Safety and security an issue? this too can be aided by the application of a window film and Acorn Glass have applied this to balustrades, cash handling areas and similar areas where resistance to impact, accidental or intentional, may need to be accounted for.

Films available for a multitude of application purposes including solar control, security, privacy, safety and bomb blast, manifestations and logos.