At Acorn Glass we work closely with clients, designers and architects, from their initial design concept, through to final design and installation, helping them to achieve the desired outcome of their glass canopies and entrances.

We can provide a wide range of glass canopies in many styles and colours, and they can be produced with self-cleaning glass, colours, tints, patterns and textures.

There is a large choice of fittings and systems available to suit your desired application and the technical team at Acorn Glass will provide you with a depth of knowledge and provide suitable options that may be available to you, after they have taken due consideration of any technical or practical matters surrounding the design.

A glass canopy has the benefit of providing you with weather protection to building visitors, and users, when entering and leaving the building, it will help to keep inclement weather away from entrance door areas whilst also allowing natural light into your lobby area. This provides you with a more comforting environment and provides a clear sight line into the lobby.

The right choice of design and product in your glass canopy will provide you with ease of maintenance and longevity and enable you to utilise outside space more effectively.

Canopies that project from buildings are also subject to wind and snow loads and it is therefore important to determine the correct strength of glass to be used, a matter which our technical team at Acorn Glass will be able to calculate for you and provide you with the required certification.

Acorn Glass are able to offer you standard or custom made glass canopies in a wide variety of styles including; free standing and self supporting systems, canopies that are suspended on wires or tie bars or canopies that are bolted on to a frame. They can be curved, flat, mono pitched, dual pitched or to any desired shape or style; subject to regulations and parameters; and are available with open sides, partially glazed sides or fully enclosed sides.

Our designs will also include for discreet integral gutter and downpipe systems that will be unobtrusively blended in with the final design and should a design be chosen that includes steel supporting members, these can be provided in steel or aluminium, finished as required including powder coating to a colour of your choice.

Case study

First impressions are always important and a glass canopy is able to provide you with a striking, stylish and practical entrance that fits in with the surrounding structure and environment, leaving a welcoming and lasting impression.


Impact resistant glazing is essential in all glass canopies as they are, by definition, overhead and will have pedestrian traffic moving freely below them.