One way glass mirrors

At our Newport factory, Acorn Glass produce one way mirrors that create a visual barrier between subjects and their observers, where clear and discreet vision is required for  clients who require the mirrors to be installed in a broad range of environments and the need of each customer is different.

Our technical team at Acorn Glass will provide advice and assistance to help you achieve your desired outcome and our advanced jet cutting facility enables plugs and sockets to be accommodated within the design to give a crisp, clean line without a hole or frame being visible in the finished product.

We provide and install one way mirrors for surveillance purposes in establishments such as airports, banks, sorting halls, shops/supermarkets where security is an issue, and to enable those being viewed not being aware of surveillance as they give the appearance of a normal mirror. They are also often used where discreet observation may be required such as for students observing an operation taking place in an operating theatre or child care facilities where observation can be made without needing to intrude into the area.

At Acorn Glass we will help you achieve a mirror that will blend in with the surrounding environment by advising you of a recommended size, type, size and positioning/orientation in order to maximise the available ambient lighting, type of background lighting and recommend background colours.

The one way mirrors we produce will offer you an effective means of achieving undetected surveillance and a high quality of one way vision that will give you complete privacy and clear vision into the observation area.

Case study

Our mirrors will be cut to any size or shape required in order for it to fit in with its intended installation location and will be manufactured in our factory to a high standard.

Our one way mirrors also provide you with the benefit of high reflectivity and light transmission, a high degree of scratch resistance, and may be cut, insulated, laminated and toughened.