Bi-Fold Doors

Acorn Aluminium design, manufacture and install aluminium bi-fold doors, with an extremely wide range of configurations, that enable you, designers and architects,  to open up large wall areas of a building to bring the outside in and meet your precise needs. It can give you a beautiful unobstructed view of your garden or the outside from within your home, office, atrium, shop or any other building.

Our bi-fold doors will give your building or home, individuality and character and will have thresholds that leave floor levels flush with the outside to provide a smooth transition from outside to in without unsightly thresholds and no tripping hazard.

Whether you want to open up a corner of a building, whole or part elevations or have the option of either, our technical team at Acorn Aluminium are always available to help you let your building engage with the environment.

You can choose to fold the sashes internally or externally, choose whether to open in or out, stack left or right, open at the centre, end or in-between – the choice is yours.

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This flexibility in design options gives an ongoing flexibility in living styles dependant only upon what you desire on any particular day.

Their aluminium composition provides them with strength, reliability and lightness in weight along with meeting ‘secure by design’ standards and the ability to provide water tightness under extreme conditions.

Additionally aluminium doors are a lot stronger than UPVC and they have the advantage of not be subject to twist, warp, expand or contraction.

Our bi-fold doors are designed and manufactured to provide you with maximum visibility through the incorporation of large glazed areas and narrow frames whilst maintaining thermal efficiency.

Acorn Aluminium bi-fold doors  operate with just  a gentle push, providing a smooth transition using our roller system that makes sliding the doors open and closed effortlessly.

With the consideration of safety in mind we at Acorn Aluminium provide our bi-fold doors with safety features to prevent harm to building users, essential no matter where they are being installed . We all want to play our part in keeping our children and pets safe in our homes and prevent harm to general users in public and commercial areas. Consequently our doors include features such as disabled user thresholds, finger trap prevention measures and strong magnets to hold the doors in place.

They come complete with high specification hardware and strong profiles and are available in 2 – 8 door sets.

Our bifold doors have no unsightly hinges breaking up the clean lines of the doors, and the handles are recessed into the profile. The specially engineered hinges are fully concealed when the doors are closed, resulting inOur Durafold Slim-line Bifold Doors are the slimmest Bi-folding Doors we offer, with meeting stiles of just 108mm. This makes them perfect for small openings. They also have an extra wide Polyamide thermal break, providing excellent thermal performance and low U values. a clean, tidy and contemporary look. – LEIGH TO REVIEW

An extensive range of colours are available to suit your requirements and let the doors blend in nicely with your building colour scheme. They may be double or triple glazed and the glazing may also be tinted.

We at Acorn Aluminium are also able to offer integral blinds within our glazed units to give you added design features and privacy or shade, as and when you want it.

Bi-fold doors are a recent alternative to traditional sliding doors but are able to provide you with a much wider and clearer opening than patio doors and are able to be comfortably installed in openings of 7m or larger.